Zone 1 – Active recovery or easy effort

First off how to we look at the intensity of the effort

RPE 2-3
% THR run – Lower than 85%
% FTP bike – Lower than 55%
A key part of any training plan. This is simply a very easy effort. Looking at a RPE scale would be my advice to get on top of this. Its in general a pretty short set too, eg 15-45 mins
Often it’s worked too hard.
The goal is to help you feel better. We always start any session with a level of lactate acid build up, the way you hit this session will either take this fact and make it a friend or your foe! Lactate acid is needed and helps fuel your training, however we can only deal with a certain amount at a time (lactate threshold) so the active recovery will in fact lower these levels and set you up for later sessions
Weather your in a warm up or a recovery session, you actually start to flush some of this away, this will help mobilise the muscles and can actually speed up recovery making you feel better
Realistically you will have to go by RPE as when you look at the intensity its very low indeed, in fact looking at FTP its %55 or lower! Yep that’s right! so when running if you find your still in a higher zone/effort, your not actually recovering
The goal is for it to be really easy! make it enjoyable!
Dont look at pace at all in this session, it should be lower, so go with the flow

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