Fuel your body for IRONMAN

Tired of guessing if you are eating or fueling with the right foods for your Ironman training? Looking for an Ironman meal plan? We simplify the complex world of performance nutrition so that you can focus on your triathlon training, work and life.


What to eat, when to eat it.

A simple to follow traffic light system guides you on your nutrition before, during and after your training sessions.

Practical fueling guidance on when, how much and what type of nutrition to consume for optimized performance and health.

Discover recipes in the app and track your macro targets easily through our integration with MyFittnessPal and LoseIt.


Custom nutrition plan

Custom daily nutrition plan with macro targets are outlined for you based on your goal, training plan and individual details.

Receive personalized guidance on in-session fueling for training sessions and based on the session type, duration and intensity.

Your daily fueling plan is customized based on your training sessions in TrainingPeaks

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