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We believe every athlete is unique

Be the very best

With our individual training plans

Bespoke Training

Experience the satisfaction of crossing that finishing line

Be the very best you can

Bespoke Ironman and Triathlon Training Plans

Online Triathlon Coaching

Coaching for all abilities from beginner to competitive age groupers, tailored to suit the individual, working around family and work commitments.

Strength & Conditioning

Everyone of us is built differently so why do we all try to train the same Personalised to the clients needs to help strength/mobilise and increase
flexibility to reduce injury and fatigue and to boost performance.

Group Sessions

Aiming to bring all aspects of triathlon training from swim/bike/run to transition training in small groups.

Be the very best you can

Bespoke Ironman and Triathlon Training Plans

Experience the satisfaction of crossing that finishing line.

Whether it’s your first ever sprint distance or full Ironman you will never forget the feeling you experience crossing the finish line for the first time.

And you will do it again… that we will promise!

Every athlete is unique, from your goals and aspirations to your training requirements be you an experienced Ironman, marathoner or first timer.

At ITRI coaching, we offer individual plans, tailor made plans with the athlete’s end goal, starting point and time commitments all factored in. Whether it is an ironman triathlon, sprint distance or your first 5K run, we can create a plan to suit your needs.

We don’t all run in the same size trainers so why would we all train from the same plan?

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Phil Standen - Who am I?

As a kid I loved all sport and was a county level swimmer. I played many sports into my teenage years but Life doesn’t always pan out like we think it should. I lost both my parents whilst still in my teens, I turned away from sport, subconsciously deciding that the best way to cope was to binge on food and drink. My weight increased dramatically and I lost all my fitness.

Age 22 and weighing 17.5 stone I realised I was heading down a route…

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“Only those who risk going too far, can possibly find out how far one can go”

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