Welcome to my first blog.

I have been a triathlon coach and competitor for many years. Since the world has become social I see never ending feeds, usually contradicting each other in the world of sport. I believe most people are confused due to the information overload, I know I was. This constant barrage of information is hard enough when you concentrate on 1 sport, but what about when there are 3 involved, (4 if you count transition and 5 with fuel and hydration!) So no wonder as triathletes we sometimes don’t know where to turn.

I wanted to start a blog to help sieve through the huge amounts of information and share some of the information that I have found interesting. Articles that have made me question my methods or confirmed my actions.

By becoming a blogger (for those who know me they will realise just how scary this is!) I hope that it will provide (in my opinion) a one stop reference point not only for my clients but for fellow triathletes, be you the complete novice or experienced competitor looking to take it to the next level.