How to fuel your run training

A guide to help you fuel your run training

Fasted runs

These have benefit as it helps you to burn fat as energy which is great for endurance. The key to this run is to do it in the morning or very little breakfast. Then the intensity has to be low to get the benefit!

Zone 1 – Recovery runs

In general you will have enough energy from melas for low stress recovery running

Zone 2 – Light aerobic

Think a long the lines of 60-75 mins in this low stress state can be done without any addition fuel. After 60-75 mins its time to start topping up with small bits of energy, sips from energy drink, small chews. The goal would be to have little and often and around 30-60 grams of carbs per hour

Interval based runs less than 60 mins

By making sure you have a good meal before (1-2.5 hours ideally) you should be good to not need any more fuel taken in

Interval based runs less over 60 mins

Have a good meal before (1-2.5 hours pre start) and also start to top up as you go. Like the longer runs in general with running we don’t want to flood our stomach with lots at a time, so small sips of energy drink or little chews would be perfect



We want to start the recovery process as quick as possible. You have a 30 min window of opportunity as the food/drinks can be absorbs quickly and aid recovery. Aim to get carb in to replace the glycogen and protein in to help repair the muscles/tendons/ligaments. food is always the better option but recovery shakes or a simply chocolate milkshake will also be good to use


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