Transition phase of training – Often also called the recovery phase


  • Rejuvenation mentally and physically, muscle and tendon repair.
  • Training to enjoy and stay fit and heathy
  • Setting you up for the Preparation phase of training


Focus of phase
– A chance for your muscles/joints/fatigue and mental focus to absorb the training and replenish
– Training can still happen but light, maybe take the effort out of swim/bike/run and replace it with tennis or mountain bike rides. Use drills or just head out to have fun.

Key points of the phase

– Aim for 10-14 days of complete rejuvenation using lighter sessions
– keep yourself moving
– Maybe try a different sport or something fun


Notes for phase
– Dont chase any fitness gains, Be patient
– Listen to the body in order for it to repair from the season focus
– Keep moving but nothing hard


Success for the phase
– Feeling refreshed and wanting to get back to structure and looking to prepare to build on the season you have just completed.

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