Build phase of your training

We move from the PREP phase which has prepared your body for this phase, the ‘build’. As the title suggests we start to move up a gear now. We increase volume/intensity/power (all sensibly!) while maintaining the integrity of the prep phase.

BUILD phase training = Improving fitness/speed and endurance


– Explosive power, improved co ordination, cardiovascular conditioning and increased duration


A breakdown by discipline

– Strength – Posture, mobility and stability, coordination, plyometrics

– Swimming – Hone swim with speed and threshold work (when we can) swim cords are a good idea right now

– Bike – Strength and power via high torque, low RPM sessions and short high intensity

– Run – Power and speed via hill, track (or similar) and endurance sessions


Tips for phase
– Still be patient. Sessions are not tests, we are still wanting consistent training , stay away from the temptation of superhero workouts. Don’t ignore fatigue or niggles, skip strength or the recovery process

Success for the phase
– A ramp up in fitness progress and the ability to set yourself up for race specific workouts near the end of the phase

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