Agility Training

This can be a Key part to play in your training plan. Training in this format is often load bearing/plyometric and connects the brain to the feet helping us to become more coordinated. Heres are the Key benefits

  • Better coordination
  • Short periods of work creates a form of HIIT training
  • Loading our tendons/muscles and joints to help mobilise them while over time helping produce more force from the added load
  • It helps prevent injuries
  • It strengths our core muscles
  • Its fun and enjoyable

By adding in short periods of this type of work into our training plan you can really start to notice a difference. There are plenty of ways to include it in your sessions, eg

  • Speed ladder or using towels on the floor
  • Jumping
  • Setting up a circuit using cones or items from around the house
  • Working with your partner or a friend to make it fun and interactive


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