Slowest Running Pace With Form

 Simply put this is the easy or slowest run effort/pace that you don’t lose your form.  The effort remains low stress, This is in general used for recovery runs or recovery in-between intervals.

Rather than always looking at the watch for HR or pace simply start to get in tune with your body and how it feels, lets work a strong tall running posture in order to get our bodies stronger. We can get lazy in terms of running posture in easy or slower runs which can put more load into the run than required. We simply want to focus on running itself.

Running effort and pace can be a hard factor to think about. Ideally we want to make your run as stress free as possible, so you can keep more relaxed and simply enjoy the moment.  Training in different intervals and intensities can get a little stressful and also confusing! Especially when we then put other factors into the mix eg weather or terrain.

So stay present in the key part fo the session – See SRP in the session and focus on the intention




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