The Sharpening Phase of training

We move from the  build phase to the sharpening phase. As this suggests its a phase that gets us working on higher resistance/intensity, so it tends not to last as long as the Prep or build phase. This is mainly due to the additional stress to our bodies, which can only take so much and we want you to be look to be peaking for your goal or goal event.

SHARPENING phase training = Race specific mental and physical performance gains


Focus – Supportive strength work for tissue health and ability to absorb adaptions


A breakdown by discipline
– Strength – Posture, mobility and stability, coordination, plyometrics and power

– Swimming – Open water, race focus, skills and performance

– Bike – Longer sub threshold ‘sweet spot’ intervals and low RPM strength endurance work

– Run – Brick run specific and longer tempo efforts


Tips for phase
– Workouts are not a pass/fail test of readiness. don’t rely on metrics for validation and don’t get caught in the more is better trap. Learn to also get in touch with the feel of the efforts.


Success for the phase
– High fitness, physical and mental race readiness, eagerness for the pursuit of performance, your fit and fresh, rather than fit and fatigued

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