The Refine or race phase of training

This phase is about getting your ready to race. We get  you mentally prepared by working out a race week/day strategy to align with the vent itself (travel/registration etc). You may of heard this phased called taper, we take the overall stress to lower than the sharpening phase in order to replenish energy, reduce fatigue and help you mentally prepare for your A game

REFINE/RACE phase training = Acknowledgement of the performance gained and capitalisation on the fitness gained


Focus – Mental and physical rejuvenation via mini blocks of work and more supportive lower stress training


Swim/bike/run – Preparation for the race day and working out a plan to execute to your best ability

We keep strength training in also, its still a key aspect


Tips for phase
– Embrace recovery, don’t chase fitness and volume or ignore strength work


Success for the phase
– Your best race performances, the feeling of wanting the season to carry on (not wanting it to stop due to fatigue). Clarity on race day pacing/fuelling/hydration and conditions of the event

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