Case Study

Toby Woodfine

End of 2015 my first born was due. To give myself a focus outside of the family that wasn’t alcohol related I deicide to enter the 2016 Lanzarote full ironman as you do! Having booked it I went about looking for a person who could take an average man and make him physically fit enough to tackle what seems an impossible challenge to so many. This person was in the guise of Phil from I Tri triathlon coaching. From the moment i met Phil he always made feel like I could do the challenge ahead and took time to listen to my background and understand my reasons for the challenge a head. This personal touch made a relative novice to triathlons feel secure in what they where facing. So it was soon time to knuckle down and listen to the very experienced and knowledgeable phil and what he had in store for me.

The training program phil built for me was tailored around my personal circumstance and how much i commit to but always managing my expectations that there was a high level of commitment for a full ironman. Using the latest technology on smart phones i was able to log in and view the week ahead.The bite size chunks and training notes gave me a perfect amount to focus on each day. The regular one to one coaching sessions on core strength and technic where amazing and i really believe where the backbone to a good race and my body being able to sustain such endurance.

Phil is a first class Tri coach with a vast amount of knowledge and experience and really can provide any athlete at any level the full training package. I still see phil regularly and have just entered the Tenby 2018 full ironman so he must be doing something right!