Case Study

Dom Short

After a few years of running marathons and competing in OCR I signed up for Ironman Barcelona 2017. Having never completed a triathlon I contacted Phil for some professional training as I found the online training guides difficult to understand.

I contacted Phil and he got straight back to me. We met up and tailored an 8 month plan that fitted around my goal, busy lifestyle of family and running a business. After the first few weeks, I took part in my first sprint triathlon and from that point, the pace of each training session was specifically based on that performance. It was completely different to what I had been doing for the last few years and made a refreshing change. My body wondered what had hit it and I gained the confidence to compete in Olympic and middle distance triathlons as well as many running, cycling and swimming events. I saw numbers on my Garmin that I hadn’t seen before!

I learned not to be so hung up on the completion times and focus on threshold tests, strength and conditioning, nutrition and sleep. There were days I couldn’t train through tiredness and I learnt to listen to my body.

Many times work & life got in the way and Phil would adjust the schedule accordingly. He was always on hand via email, text & phone. It is so much easier having someone decide what distance and how fast you should be training on each session rather than trying to work it out myself.

I completed my ironman in Barcelona with a faster time than expected and still had some left in the tank.

I said this was the first and last but never say never, I am planning on many Olympic and 70.3 for 2018 and full distance again for 2019 and I’ll continue with Phil as I need that push and to focus on some PB’s.